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The Perfect Piece

2018 was the year it all began for The Perfect Piece Shoppe. Created in the small town of Harriston, Ontario we've strived to create a beautiful balance of home decor for our clients throughout the years. Expanding now 2023 to our online shoppe front.

Over the past years of operating the store front and the power of social media we've developed the satisfaction of being able to turn our clients houses into homes as a team.

From antiquing to modern day pieces we thrive on staying up to date with the trending home decor styles. Giving your home the all around feel good factor.

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Blossom by blossom, Spring begins. 

It’s the season of outdoors & beautiful patios. Pair our rattan wicker planters available in several sizes with faux or fresh plants to add a natural design to your home.

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Vintage & Curated Finds

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